Firmhouse SDK

A JavaScript / TypeScript SDK for interacting with the Firmhouse GraphQL API in a structured and type-safe way. The Firmhouse SDK is designed to make it easier for developers to interact with the Firmhouse API by providing a fully typed interface and handling errors in a structured way.


  • Fully typed SDK with TypeScript, so you don't have to worry about field names and types.

  • Provides smooth IDE experience with auto-completion and type hints.

  • Handles errors in a structured way.

  • Supports both Storefront and Write access tokens and restricts operations based on the access type.

  • Gives you the option to include/exclude related resources in the response, without writing messy GraphQL queries.

You can start using the Firmhouse SDK by checking out the Getting Started guide.

If you would like to browse our example projects or get a head start with boilerplates, check out the Examples and Boilerplates guide.

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