Autogenerated input type of UpdateProduct


clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

metadata (JSON)

Metadata that can be used by developers to store additional information on objects.

slug (String)

sku (String)

supplier (String)

eligibleForDiscount (Boolean)

interval (Int)

intervalUnitOfMeasure (String)

initialShipmentDelay (Int)

initialShipmentDelayUnitOfMeasure (String)

minimumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)

minimumCommitmentUnit (String)

minimumCommitmentPeriod (Int)

maximumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)

maximumCommitmentPeriod (Int)

maximumCommitmentUnit (String)

graceCancellationEnabled (Boolean)

graceCancellationPeriod (Int)

graceCancellationUnit (String)

productType (String)

id (ID!)

title (String)

priceCents (Int)

taxRateId (ID)

prices ([PriceInput!])

Country specific prices set for this product. These price will override default product price for specified countries. Add new or update price for existing countryCode.

pricesDelete ([PriceDeleteInput!])

Country specific prices to remove for this product based on the countryCode.

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