The Firmhouse GraphQL API can be used to deeply integrate Firmhouse with your website, e-commerce platform, or headless storefront. You can use it to build custom cart and checkout experiences. But also get access to data like invoices and orders so that you can trigger your own logistics processes or sync up with your CRM or accounting software.

You can use our GraphQL API in two primary ways:

  1. Server-to-server communication that gives your backend application access to read and write all kinds of data of all the customers in your Firmhouse project.

  2. Client or Headless communication straight from your customer's browser to the API. Useful for creating custom storefront experiences and self-service capabilities scoped to a specific customer or only public information.

Use Cases

You can do anything you want with the data that our API exposes. But here are a few common so you know when to use our GraphQL API:

  • Build a Headless storefront experience and load available products, plans and build custom cart and checkout experiences.

  • Add subscription and membership functionality to your existing e-commerce website on Shopify, Magento, Shopworks, or WooCommerce.

  • Sync all Invoices with your accounting software.

  • Fire off a logistics or fulfilment process when an Order is created.

  • Sync and update customer records with your CRM.

  • Build a unique self service or "My Account" portal for your customers.

  • Extract raw data for business analysis in other dashboarding and data crunching tools.

Getting Started

  • Learn how to authenticate with the Firmhouse GraphQL API in Headless or in Read/Write mode to start executing queries and making mutation calls.

  • Explore the available Objects, Queries and Mutations in the API.


Need help? Don't hesitate to email with your questions. Or get in touch via the Chat bubble when logged into the Firmhouse portal.

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