Fetch an invoice by token or id.



token (ID)

id (ID)

Return fields

city (String)

The customer's city or town stored on the invoice.

collectionCase (CollectionCase)

The collection case this invoice is part of.

companyName (String)

The customer's company name stored on the invoice.

country (String)

The billing country code (ISO 3116) stored on the invoice.

createdAt (ISO8601DateTime!)

When the invoice record was first created.

currency (String)

Currency used for this invoice

description (String)

The description of the invoice.

detailsUrl (String!)

URL to view invoice details, PDF download, and manual payment link.

externalUrl (String)

An external invoice URL that replaces the default invoice

fullAddress (String)

The customer's full address by combining address and house number stored on the invoice.

fullName (String)

The customer's full name stored on the invoice.

id (ID!)

The database ID of this invoice.

invoiceLineItems ([InvoiceLineItem!])

The line items of this invoice.

invoiceNumber (String!)

The formatted (legal) invoice number.

invoiceReminders ([InvoiceReminder!])

The reminders for this invoice.

invoiceStatus (InvoiceStatusEnum!)

The payment status of the invoice.

invoicedAt (ISO8601DateTime)

When the invoice was formally invoiced.

originalInvoice (Invoice)

The associated original invoice for this invoice (only available for credit invoices)

payment (Payment)

The associated payment for this invoice. Can be null if this order didn't require payment.

phoneNumber (String)

The customer's full international phone number stored on the invoice.

salutation (String)

The customer's salutation (mr,ms,mx) stored on the invoice.

state (String)

The customer's state stored on the invoice.

status (String!)

Deprecated: Use the 'invoice_status' field instead.

subscription (Subscription!)

The associated subscription.

subscriptionId (ID!)

ID of the associated subscription.

taxPercentage (Float)

The percentage of tax used for this invoice.

totalAmountCents (Int!)

Total amount of invoice in cents.

totalTaxAmountCents (Int!)

Total tax amount of invoice in cents.

zipcode (String)

The customer's postal code or zipcode stored on the invoice.

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