Represents a delivery or shipment of the products from the customer back to the warehouse, can be used for the return or exchange of the goods.


createdAt (ISO8601DateTime)

Return order creation date

externalReference (String)

The reference to this return order at an external system

externalStatus (String)

The status of this return order at an external system

externalUrl (String)

The direct url to this return order at an external system

id (ID)

ID to identify th return order with

reason (String)

The reason for this return order

returnDate (ISO8601Date)

The desired (planned) return date for this return order

returnOrderProducts ([ReturnOrderProduct!])

The ordered products that are being returned with this return order.

returnedOn (ISO8601Date)

The actual date when the products in this return order have been returned

Return order status

subscription (Subscription)

The subscription this return order was made for.

trackingCode (String)

The tracking code for this return order.

trackingUrl (String)

The url to track this return order at external shipment provider

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