Email template overview

Below you will find an overview of email types that you can send out to your customers and Liquid tags available in Firmhouse used to add dynamic contents in your emails.

Subscription lifecycle

These include all emails that are part of the subscription lifecycle (from initial subscription to cancellation). Below are examples;


This email is sent automatically to a subscriber after initial sign up so this cannot be configured to be sent or not.

Activation confirmation

The email that gets sent once a customer is manually activated.

Upcoming order notice

This email gets sent to the customer a few days before the next recurring order. The email is sent 3 days in advance for orders with weekly or shorter delivery frequency and 7 days in advance for others.

Order confirmation

This is the email that gets sent once an order gets confirmed.

Order track and trace

This is the email that gets sent out when an order is shipped, including the Track & Trace code. You can trigger this email manually by clicking on 'Send code' next to an order on the subscription detail page of a customer.

Cancellation initiation

This is the email a customer receives after requesting to cancel their subscription. This email requires two-step cancellation to be set up.

Cancellation confirmation

This is the email a customer receives after they have cancelled their subscription. In case you set up two-step cancellation, this is the email a customer receives after their product is confirmed to be returned.

Offer completed

This is the email that is sent when a customer successfully completed a payment for an offer.


These are the emails that gets sent when there are payment events. Below are examples;

Billing cycle notification

This is the monthly email that gets sent out on the day a customer will be charged. This will not get sent if your monthly price is set to 0€.

Failed payment

This email gets sent to the customer whenever an automatic charge fails. When a payment fails due to insufficient funds the charge is retried for a maximum of 3 tries. If automatic retrying fails or if the payment fails due to a different failure reason than insufficient funds, the customer will be marked as Non Paying. Information about the failed payment and it's failure reason is accessible via template tags.

Manual charge notification

This email notifies customers of Manual Payments.

Outstanding invoices

Reminds a customer of their outstanding payments. This will be sent once a week if a customer is marked as non-paying. (A customer is marked as non-paying when a recurring charge fails for any other reason than insufficient funds OR when the same payment fails for 3 times due to insufficient funds.)

Invoice reminder

Reminds a customer about an overdue invoice. This email requires the invoice payment terms to be enabled (in the payment dunning settings.)


These are emails that has to do with product return. Below are examples;

Return label

This is an email sent to the customer as soon as you provide a return label. Return labels are part of return orders.

Device return reminder

This is the email sent to a customer as a reminder to return the product if it didn't get returned within two weeks of cancelling the subscription. This requires two step cancellation to be set up. Please get in touch with Firmhouse to enable this feature.

Return order completed

Sends the customer an email when you marked the return order as complete.

Self service center

These are emails related to self service center. An example is listed below.

Self service center login

Email that will be send to the customer when requesting a self service center login link.

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