Immediately creates a credit invoice and a tries to create a refund for the full amount of the original invoice

If initiating the refund fails, a refundError will be returned but the credit invoice would be created nevertheless. It's possible that the refund status are open or pending until a final succesful payment status is received from your Payment Service Provider. This could take a couple of business days for certain payment methods, like SEPA direct debit.



Parameters for CreditAndRefundInvoice

CreditAndRefundInvoiceInput Arguments


invoiceId (ID!)

ID of the invoice to create credit invoice and refund for.

refundReason (String!)

Description to put as credit invoice note and refund reason.

Return fields

creditInvoice (Invoice)

invoice (Invoice)

refund (Refund)

refundErrors ([ModelValidationError!]!)

Errors while issuing the refund. Can also contain error messages from the payment service provider.

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