Base fields that apply to any applied promotion


active (Boolean!)

Whether or not this promotion is currently active

amountUsedIncludingTaxCents (Int!)

Total amount used, only relevant for promotions with monetary limit

deactivateAfterAmountIncludingTaxCents (Int)

The amount after which the promotion should get deactivated on a customer

deactivateAfterTimes (Int)

After how many times this promotion is "used up" for a customer

deactivationStrategy (AppliedPromotionDeactivationStrategy!)

Which mechanism will be used to deactivate the applied promotion

discountCode (DiscountCode)

The discount code that applied this promotion.

id (ID!)

ID to identify the applied promotion with

promotion (Promotion!)

The associated promotion

timesUsed (Int!)

The amount of times this applied promotion has been used.

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