Developer Docs


Autogenerated input type of UpdateSubscription


token (ID)
The token of the subscription to update, or creates a new one if one doesn't exist.
name (String)
The customer's first name.
lastName (String)
The customer's last name.
address (String)
The customer's address line or street.
zipcode (String)
The customer's zip code or postal code.
houseNumber (String)
The customer's house, building, or appartment number.
city (String)
The customer's city or town.
country (String)
The customer's country code (ISO3661).
state (String)
The customer's state or province (ISO3661-2).
district (String)
The customer's district.
phoneNumber (String)
The customer's phone number (international format).
email (String)
The customer's email address.
termsAccepted (Boolean)
Whether the customer accepted the terms and conditions.
marketingOptIn (Boolean)
Whether the customer accepted optional marketing communication opt-in.
companyName (String)
The company name of the customer.
salutation (String)
The customer's salutation (mr,ms,mx).
extraFields ([ExtraFieldInput!])
Extra field values for the subscription.
locale (String)
The customer's language/locale. Must be enabled on the project.
skipAutoActivationOnSignup (Boolean)
Don't automatically activate the subscription on signup.
chargeDayOfTheMonth (Int)
The day of the month when the customer is charged.
trialPeriodMonths (Int)
The number of months before the customer is charged for the first time.
customerReference (String)
The field that can be used for your internal reference. For example, internal customer id.
clientMutationId (String)
A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.