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Autogenerated input type of UpdateSubscribedPlan


clientMutationId (String)
A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
id (ID!)
The ID of the SubscribedPlan to update.
nextBillingDate (ISO8601Date)
The new date at which the next billing cycle will occur.
planId (ID)
The new plan associated the subscription should change to.
billingCycleIntervalUnit (BillingCycleIntervalUnit)
The unit of the interval the billing cycle runs
billingCycleInterval (Int)
The interval at which the billing cycle runs according to the unit set in billingCycleIntervalUnit.
customRecurringAmountCents (Int)
A custom recurring amount different from the default plan price.
customInitialAmountCents (Int)
A custom initial amount different from the default plan initial amount