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Autogenerated input type of UpdateProduct


metadata (JSON)
Metadata that can be used by developers to store additional information on objects.
title (String)
priceCents (Int)
taxRateId (ID)
slug (String)
sku (String)
supplier (String)
eligibleForDiscount (Boolean)
interval (Int)
intervalUnitOfMeasure (String)
initialShipmentDelay (Int)
initialShipmentDelayUnitOfMeasure (String)
minimumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)
minimumCommitmentUnit (String)
minimumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
maximumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)
maximumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
maximumCommitmentUnit (String)
graceCancellationEnabled (Boolean)
graceCancellationPeriod (Int)
graceCancellationUnit (String)
productType (String)
id (ID!)
clientMutationId (String)
A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.