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Autogenerated input type of UpdateOrderedProduct


clientMutationId (String)
A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
metadata (JSON)
Metadata that can be used by developers to store additional information on objects.
id (ID)
ID of this ordered product. This will be ignored on create action.
productId (ID)
ID for the related product
quantity (Int)
The quantity for this ordered product.
customPriceCents (Int)
A custom price in cents for this ordered product, if left blank the default product price will be used
shipmentDate (ISO8601Date)
The next date on which a new order should get initiated
interval (Int)
The amount of time in units between shipments of this order
intervalUnitOfMeasureType (OrderedProductIntervalUnitOfMeasure)
The time measure for interval units
intervalUnitOfMeasure (String)
The time measure for interval units. This argument is deprecated. Use intervalUnitOfMeasureType instead. If intervalUnitOfMeasureType passed, this field will be ignored.