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A subscription represents the main subscription or customer record in Firmhouse. A subscription contains things like name, address, and company details. A subscription is subscribed to a plan via SubscribedPlan or multiple products via the OrderedProduct object.


activatedAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription was activated and billing started.
activePlan (Plan)
Returns the plan the subscription is currently subscribed to.
address (String)
The customer's full address line or just street. Can include houseNumber if not separately stored in houseNumber field.
amountForStartingSubscriptionCents (Int)
The amount that is due on checkout (in cents).
appliedBillingCyclePromotions ([AppliedBillingCyclePromotion!])
List of billing cycle promotions applied for this customer.
appliedOrderDiscountPromotions ([AppliedOrderDiscountPromotion!])
List of order discount promotions applied for this customer.
cancellationStartedAt (String)
The date and time when cancellation was initiated for the subscription (in case of two-step cancellation).
cancelledAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription was cancelled.
checkoutUrl (String)
URL for the customers to complete their draft subscription.
city (String)
The customer's city or town.
companyName (String)
The customer's company name.
country (String)
The customer's country code (ISO 3116)
createdAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription record was first created.
currency (String)
The currency used for this subscription
deviceBoughtAt (String)
The date and time when the customer purchased the device that they had a subscription on.
district (String)
The customer's district
email (String)
The customer's email address
extraFields ([ExtraFieldAnswer!]!)
List of extra fields and values.
fullAddress (String)
The customer's full address by combining address and house number.
fullName (String)
The customer's full name.
houseNumber (String)
The customer's house number.
id (String)
The id of the subscription.
identityVerificationUrl (String)
Identity verification URL that automatically uses the configured provider.Append ?return_url=https://your-url to send the customer back after a successful identification.
inTrialPeriod (Boolean!)
Whether this subscription is currently in its trial period.
invoices ([Invoice!])
List of invoices of this customer.
lastName (String)
The customer's last name.
locale (String)
The customer's locale/language.
markedAsNonPayingAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription was last marked as non-paying.
marketingOptIn (Boolean)
Whether the customer accepted the optional marketing opt-in.
monthlyAmount (Float)
Deprecated: Use monthlyAmountCents instead.
The monthly amount that is charged.
monthlyAmountCents (Int)
The monthly amount that is charged (in cents)
name (String)
The customer's first name.
notes (String)
Notes about the customer that can be set in the portal
orderCalculation (OrderCalculation)
Deprecated: Will be removed.
Calculate order prices
orderedProducts ([OrderedProductInput!])
The ordered products that are part of the order
discountCode (String)
orderedProducts ([OrderedProduct!])
List of products the subscription is on.
orders ([Order!])
List of orders of this subscription
paidAmount (Float)
The amount that is succesfully paid so far.
paymentMethod (String)
The payment method currently in use for billing
paymentMethodTranslated (String)
Localised string of the payment method currently in use for billing.
phoneNumber (String)
The customer's full international phone number
products ([Product!])
List of products the subscription is on (via orderedProducts).
project (Project!)
projectId (ID!)
Deprecated: Will be removed.
salutation (String)
The customer's salutation (mr,ms,mx).
serviceChannel (ServiceChannel)
Returns the service channel this subscription has signed up to
signupCompletedAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription completed their signup and made their initial payment (or no payment if free).
skipAutoActivationOnSignup (Boolean!)
If true then the subscription won't be activated after signup and initial payment.
startDate (ISO8601DateTime!)
The date and time when this subscription was (or will be) charged for the first time.
state (String)
The customer's state
Status of this customer (inactive, activated, cancelled, customer_unsubscribed, cancellation_in_progress, draft, rejected, pending_customer_completion).
subscribedPlan (SubscribedPlan)
Returns the plan relationship and contract terms of the current plan
termsAccepted (Boolean!)
Whether the customer accepted the terms and conditions.
termsAcceptedOn (String)
Whether the customer has accepted the terms&conditions.
token (String)
Unique token of the subscription
updatePaymentMethodUrl (String)
Send your customer to this URL to allow them to update their active payment method.
updatedAt (String)
The date and time when the subscription was last updated.
verifiedIdentity (SubscriptionIdentity)
Details of the verified identity if present.
zipcode (String)
The customer's postal code or zipcode.