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A subscribed plan represents the agreements about how a subscription is subscribed to a plan. Can include information about current contract terms and periods.


activatedAt (String)
The time of subscription activation for the subscribed plan
allowedToCancel (Boolean!)
Whether this subscribed plan is allowed to be cancelled
billingCycleInterval (Int)
The interval at which the billing cycle runs according to the unit set in billingCycleIntervalUnit.
billingCycleIntervalUnit (BillingCycleIntervalUnit)
The unit of the interval the billing cycle runs
customInitialAmountCents (Int)
The custom initial amount for this subscription
customRecurringAmountCents (Int)
The custom recurring amount for this subscription
graceCancellationEndsAt (String)
The date and time when grace cancellation period ends
graceCancellationPeriod (Int)
The amount of time in units for grace cancellation period of the subscribed plan
graceCancellationUnit (CommitmentUnit)
The time units of measure for grace cancellation period
id (ID!)
The database ID for the subscribed plan
inGraceCancellation (Boolean!)
Whether this subscribed plan is in grace cancellation period
inMinimumCommitment (Boolean!)
Whether this subscribed plan is in minimum commitment period
maximumCommitmentEndsAt (ISO8601DateTime)
The time when the maximum commitment will ends and billing for this plan will stop.
maximumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
The maximum commitment period.
maximumCommitmentUnit (MaximumCommitmentUnit)
The maximum commitment unit.
minimumCommitmentEndsAt (String)
The time when minimum commitment period ends
minimumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
The amount of time in units for minimum commitment period of the subscribed plan
minimumCommitmentUnit (CommitmentUnit)
The time units of measure for minimum commitment period
name (String!)
Name of the subscribed plan
nextBillingDate (ISO8601Date)
The moment the next charge will be created (Only for flexbile billing cycle projects)
plan (Plan)
The plan associated via this SubscribedPlan.
showInPriceBreakDown (Boolean!)
Whether or not the associated plan is relevant to display in cart price breakdown.
unconsumedContractTermEventCount (Int)
The number of unconsumed contract term events