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Represents the environment for your business or proposition on Firmhouse.


availableCountries ([String!]!)
The available countries for this project
availableCountryStates (JSON!)
The available states per country for this project
currency (String!)
The currency of the project
currentStock (Int)
The current stock of a project
discountCodes ([DiscountCode!])
The available discount codes for this project
dynamicOrderStrategy (String!)
The type of the dynamic order strategy for this project
extraFields ([ExtraField!])
The extra fields for this project
freeShipmentFromCents (Int)
The threshold that will make shipment free in cents (works in combination with Firmhouse shipping methods)
id (ID!)
ID to identify the project with
licence (Licence)
name (String!)
The name of the project
paymentProvider (String)
The payment provider of this project
plans ([Plan!]!)
The available plans for this project
productImageUrl (String)
Image of the main product of the project
productName (String)
Name of the main product of the project
products ([Product!]!)
The available products for this project
projectType (String)
The type of the project
promotions ([Promotion!]!)
The available promotions for this project
shippingCostsCents (Int)
Deprecated: Will be removed.
shippingCostsExclTaxCents (Int)
Deprecated: Will be removed.
subscriptionLimitEnabled (Boolean!)
Whether the amount of subscriptions is limited
taxRates ([TaxRate!]!)
The available tax rates for this project
token (ID!)
Token to identify the project with
twoStepCancellationEnabled (Boolean)
Whether two-step cancellation is enabled for this project
twoStepSignupEnabled (Boolean!)
Whether two step signup is enabled for this project
updatedAt (String)
Project last updated since