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A product that customers can subscribe to or that can be included in a plan.


List of assets associated with this product.
after (String)
Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.
before (String)
Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.
first (Int)
Returns the first _n_ elements from the list.
last (Int)
Returns the last _n_ elements from the list.
available (Boolean!)
Whether the product is available for customers
costPerItemCents (Int)
Cost per item in cents
eligibleForDiscount (Boolean!)
Whether this product should be included when calculating discount on invoices.
graceCancellationEnabled (Boolean)
If the grace cancellation is enabled
graceCancellationPeriod (Int)
The grace cancellation period
graceCancellationUnit (CommitmentUnit)
The grace cancellation unit
id (ID!)
The database ID for this product
imageUrl (String)
URL to image of the product
interval (Int)
The amount of time in units between shipments of this order
intervalUnitOfMeasure (String)
The time measure for interval units
mandatory (Boolean!)
Will automatically get added on signup.
maximumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)
If the maximum commitment is enabled
maximumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
The maximum commitment period
maximumCommitmentUnit (MaximumCommitmentUnit)
The maximum commitment unit
metadata (JSON)
Metadata makes it possible to store additional information on objects.
minimumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)
If the minimum commitment is enabled
minimumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
The minimum commitment period
minimumCommitmentUnit (CommitmentUnit)
The minimum commitment unit
nthProductFree (Int)
The nth product of this is free
priceCents (Int)
The price of the product in cents
priceExcludingTaxCents (Int)
The price of the product excluding tax in cents
priceIncludingTaxCents (Int)
The price of the product including tax in cents
priceWithSymbol (String)
The price of the product including tax, with currency symbol
productType (String)
Either recurring or one_time_purchase
shopifyProductId (String)
The associated Shopify product_id
shopifyVariantId (String)
The associated Shopify variant_id
sku (String)
The product SKU
slug (ID!)
The product slug
supplier (String)
The supplier of the product
taxAmountCents (Int)
The amount of tax for this product in cents
taxPercentage (Float)
The tax percentage for this product
title (String!)
Name of the product