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A plan that customers can subscribe to.


available (Boolean!)
Whether plan is available to subscribe to
currency (String)
Currency used for subscriptions assigned to this plan
graceCancellationEnabled (Boolean!)
Whether a grace cancellation period is enabled
graceCancellationPeriod (Int!)
The amount of time in units for grace cancellation period of the plan
graceCancellationUnit (CommitmentUnit!)
The time units of measure for grace cancellation period
id (ID!)
The database ID for this plan
imageUrl (String)
URL to image of the plan
initialAmountExcludingTaxCents (Int)
The plan's initial amount excl. tax in cents
initialAmountIncludingTaxCents (Int)
The plan's initial amount incl. tax in cents
instalmentIntervalPeriod (Int)
The amount of interval units between instalments
instalmentIntervalUnit (BaseIntervalUnit)
The interval unit between instalments
instalments (Int)
Number of instalments.
maximumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean)
Whether a maximum commitment period is enabled.
maximumCommitmentPeriod (Int)
The amount of time in units for maximum commitment period of the plan.
maximumCommitmentUnit (MaximumCommitmentUnit)
The time units of measure for maximum commitment period.
metadata (JSON)
Metadata makes it possible to store additional information on objects.
minimumCommitmentEnabled (Boolean!)
Whether a minimum commitment period is enabled
minimumCommitmentPeriod (Int!)
The amount of time in units for minimum commitment period of the plan
minimumCommitmentUnit (CommitmentUnit!)
The time units of measure for minimum commitment period.
monthlyAmountCents (Int)
The price of the plan
monthlyAmountExcludingTaxCents (Int)
The price of the plan excluding tax in cents
monthlyAmountIncludingTaxCents (Int)
The price of the plan including tax in cents
name (String!)
Name of the plan
planProducts ([PlanProduct!])
The products that are included in this plan
slug (ID!)
The plan slug
taxAmountCents (Int)
The amount of tax for this plan in cents
taxPercentage (Float)
The tax percentage for this plan